Ad Guidelines

All Ads will be moderated and checked for proper content however we cannot be held liable for any accidental or unintentional offensive material that has become visible. Please ensure if you are posting a Real Estate ad that you are following the professional and business regulations for doing so on behalf of others, such as acting in an official capacity as a real estate sales agent or broker. Direct owners and legally assigned parties may post lease purchase, lease option or rent-to-own contracts for resale. Our web-based advertisement platform allows website visitors to easily post or view advertisement postings.

We are not real estate sales agents or brokers, nor do we charge any commissions or provide any real estate services. We are an online advertising platform where website visitors can reach a very specific audience who is in the market to offer or acquire an assignable lease option contract.

REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE STATUS DISCLOSURE: is not a real estate brokerage nor does it participate in the brokerage or transfer of real estate. We provide online advertising services in the form of product advertisement, listing, promotion, Ad placement and/or design services. Users pay only to post an advertisement article, and any profit margins or markups are between the property owner and buyer directly (and possibly any associated parties such as real estate brokers as well).